What is the prize money at the 2021 British Open?

What is the prize money at the 2021 British Open?

Major tournament, major bucks. Players entering the 2021 British Open can expect a pretty nice payday. With the amount of prize money being upped a million U.S. dollars since the last time the British Open was played, players can take home a nice check (or cheque) once the tourney wraps.

How will the $14 million purse be split at the open?

The $14 million purse will be shelled out to the top 70 professionals (plus ties) who make the cut. The amateurs who make their way through to the weekend cannot accept monetary prizes. Let’s take a look at how the payouts for the 150th Open will be divided among those who competed this weekend at St. Andrews.

What is the purse at the Open Championship?

With The Open Championship purse set at $14 million for the first time ever, this was a huge amount of money that these guys are playing for this week. And that’s just a bonus on top of the legacy-building stuff of winning the 150th Open at St. Andrews.

How much does the winner of the British Open get paid?

The winner will take home $2.07 million, marking the first time The Open will give a prize larger than $2 million. The 2019 winner, Shane Lowry, made $1.935 million. British Open prize money The payout for the top 70 players to make the cut for the Open Championship are as follows: