How many dimples appear on a golf ball?

How many dimples appear on a golf ball?

They can have different shapes, different depths and appear in varying amounts on balls. Most balls have circular dimples, but some have hexagonal. As for the number, golf balls typically have between 300 to 500 dimples. The average depth of a golf ball dimple is 0.010 inches, but this too can vary slightly.

Is less dimples on a golf ball better or worse?

The number of dimples that are on a golf ball may seem random, and it may even seem inconsequential, but the truth is that the dimples on a golf ball are very intentionally designed and placed, and the number of dimples on a golf ball is carefully determined. More dimples being on a golf ball are not necessarily better.

How do they put the dimples on a golf ball?

Golf manufacturers don’t put dimples on golf balls because it looks good. There is real science behind their use. A flat or irregular object moves through the air in an inconsistent, fluctuating manner because of how air flows over it. So golf balls without dimples would travel unpredictably through the air.

Why does golf ball have dimples on its surface?

How Do Golf Ball Dimples Affect Lift and Drag?As the air hits the dimples on a golf ball, small pockets of turbulence are created. …The air flowing over the ball thus sticks closer to the ball’s surface and flows off the ball further back.This creates a smaller wake, which means less drag and a ball that flies farther and smoother.