What is the golf tempo trainer and how does it work?

What is the golf tempo trainer and how does it work?

The Golf Tempo Trainer looks similar to a golf club, but it has a flexible shaft and weighted head that is usually shaped like a ball. It provides three main benefits: (1) Golf Fitness, (2) Rhythm Trainer, and (3) Swing Plane Trainer. We will discuss the benefits a bit more in this article and explain how they can help improve your game.

What is the SKLZ tempo & grip trainer?

The Grip Trainer is only for right-handed golfers only. Practice your swing anywhere with the SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer. Perfect for inside and outside use, warming up sessions, and building golf-specific muscles. Improve your golf swing tempo, timing and grip position with the Tempo & Grip Trainer from SKLZ.

What makes tour tempo so special?

Three Revolutionary Secrets. TOUR TEMPO started the revolution with its groundbreaking discoveries that shattered the paradigms on rhythm in the golf swing. But it also delivered the simple and effective Tour Tempo tones so golfers of all abilities could swing faster and employ the 3:1 ratio used by the greatest players of today and yesterday.

What is consistent tempo in golf swing?

Consistent tempo is the glue that holds my swing together. It’s the strongest part of my swing and game and I play my best when I nail my tempo. My fundamentals have never been the best, so I go to tempo to solve most swing issues during a round or practice session.