What is a C-crossover golfer?

What is a C-crossover golfer?

Wilson coined the term “crossover golfer”, and they’ve targeted players through their “C” crossover irons range for years.

What is a crossover iron?

What is a Crossover iron? Irons usually fall into one of three neatly pigeon-holed categories – better player, game improvement and super game improvement. But times are changing, and there’s a new “crossover iron" category that sits right between better player and game improvement.

What is the difference between hybrid and 4 iron golf clubs?

For example, they have a flat face as opposed to a rounded one that is often found on hybrids. Additionally, they have that sleek look at address that some players like more than hybrids. These clubs come in a 2,3, and 4 iron option with the 2 crossover serving almost the same purpose as a driving iron.

What is a ping crossover club?

Hybrids Explained. The Ping Crossover Club is nothing short of revolutionary, as Ping basically created a new category in golf-gear, the Crossover that is. Long story short, the Ping Crossover Club is the designed and engineered to combine the workability, precision and control, i.e. the specific characteristics of an iron,…