What is a CPM in golf clubs?

What is a CPM in golf clubs?

CPM literally stands for "Cycles Per Minute" and is the most practical measurement unit to describe the resonant frequency of a club after assembly. Why is this important to golf?

What does 280 CPM mean on a driver?

cpm (cycles per minute) is one way to measure the stiffness of a shaft. 10 cpm equals one full flex, let’s say from s to x. With 280 cpm (depending on shaft length and swingweight) your driver seems to be extra (X, probably more) stiff.

How does a true spec Golf fitter measure the CPM?

A True Spec Golf fitter measures the CPM of a golf shaft. Simply put, CPM stands for “cycles per minute,” which measures the frequency of a golf shaft. To obtain this measurement, a fitter or club builder places the grip end of a golf club into a clamp, then pulls on the tip section of the shaft and releases it to make it oscillate.

Is CPM the true flex of a shaft?

Many believe that CPM is actually the true flex of a shaft, but after speaking with the expert fitters at GOLF.com’s sister company True Spec Golf, that’s not entirely the case. Every shaft company makes shafts differently, and the flexes those companies display are different, too.