Should you lift or swing the Golf Club?

Should you lift or swing the Golf Club?

When the club is free to swing naturally around your body, great things are possible on the course. However, if you just lift the club up into position before dropping it back down on the ball, you will be highly unlikely to ever produce anything of value in your game. So, the mission is simple – swing the club, rather than lifting it.

How to stop standing up in the golf swing?

Focus on resisting standing up, which would be visible by your club no longer pointing towards the ground, either during the backswing or crucially during the downswing. Keep your Head in the Box A good way to stop standing up at impact is to focus on your head.

How can I stop lifting my head during a golf swing?

For a slightly more aggressive version of this drill, you could have your friend apply a downward force on your head, preventing you from lifting during the swing. This will help you to learn the feeling of keeping your head, and subsequently your body, still.

Why do golfers lift up during the downswing?

Lifting your entire body and head increases the chances of having your club face exposed, leading to poorly defined shots. This is another critical issue that causes golfers to lift up during the downswing. You cannot stand with your back arched and expect to make a good turn for the backswing for a perfect front swing before impact!