What does it mean when a disc is overstable?

What does it mean when a disc is overstable?

The stability of a disc in golf is either overstable, stable, or understable. Fortunately, what it means when a disc is overstable is simple. When thrown correctly, the disc turns to the left. Likewise, a stable disc has no turn, and an understandable disc would turn to the right side.

Are overstable discs good for golf?

Overstable discs work great for spike hyzers and skip shots. They are recommended for more advanced players because those players tend to have a higher arm speed. The reason overstable disc work better for higher arm speeds players is they won’t turn over as easily. Similarly, overstable discs are more accurate when thrown in windy conditions.

How do you tell if a disc is stable or understable?

For right-handed players, an understable disc will turn to the right, and an overstable disc will turn to the left. A stable disc will go straight.” There are four numbers on an Overstable disc.

Why do disc golf discs fade to the left?

Most disc golf discs, especially drivers, are overstable and fade faster to the left. This is a natural flight pattern for sharper discs. Overstable discs fall within the digits 1 to 3. Drivers, by the way, are the type of discs you use to cover long distances.