How to throw a golf disc golf shot?

How to throw a golf disc golf shot?

Stand sideways to the target and place your weight on your back foot. Point your dominant shoulder at the target, in the same way as if you were hitting a baseball. This helps the golf disc to fly in a straight line. Point your feet straight in front of your body so that they form a 90-degree angle with the target.

How do you hold a golf disc?

Grip the disc with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath. Hold the golf disc in your dominant hand and then place your thumb on top of the disc to secure it in your hand. Move your fingers around until they are in a comfortable position and the disc feels secure in your hand. [2]

Do you need heavier discs to throw further?

If strength is the focus of your drive, then you will want to use heavier discs for the furthest possible throws. Your aim and throw are significantly impacted by your grip, the wind-up, and the release. All players have their own style and, depending on the shot they want to make, their throw can develop too.

What is the flight pattern of a disc golf driver?

Every disc is made with a specific flight pattern in mind. When thrown flat, a driver should go straight as an arrow (stable) whereas others can turn right (understable) or even fade slightly left (overstable). These intended flight patterns exist in all of the discs but today, we are going to focus on disc golf drivers.