What does a starter do on a golf cart?

What does a starter do on a golf cart?

A golf cart starter primarily serves two functions; turning over the engine to start the cart and act as a key link in getting the battery charged. The starter has enough current to crank the engine.

How does a starter generator work on a car?

The starter generator works in two ways; the starter portion cranks the engine and the generator portion recharges the battery. When the gas pedal is depressed the starter cranks the engine over. When it begins to run on its own, the generator portion of the unit begins to charge the 12-volt battery.

Why is my starter generator not charging my golf cart?

Why Your Golf Cart Starter Generator is Not Charging If your starter generator is not charging properly, it may be that the solenoid, voltage regulator or brushes are faulty. If you’ve ensured that all of these parts are working fine, the starter generator may not be drawing enough current to regenerate the battery.

How do you test a starter generator on a golf cart?

Here are general instructions on how to bench test your golf cart starter generator: 1) Put your starter generator in a vice or make someone hold it carefully. 2) Attach a 10-gauge jumper wire from F1 to A2. 3) Attach the black (-) battery cable to the negative bettery terminal.