Should you buy new or re-Groove your golf clubs?

Should you buy new or re-Groove your golf clubs?

In many cases, re-grooving probably can do as much good as buying new clubs. The face lines of your club are important, so consider having your grooves sharpened. A club with rounded grooves will greatly affect your spin. The grooves need to grab the ball when it is sliding up the club face.

What are the grooves on my golf clubs for?

Grooves on your golf clubs primarily are designed to create spin when the ball is struck properly. Grooves on golf club faces are there primarily to impart spin to the ball.

How do you fix a broken groove on a golf club?

Repairing the groove face of your clubs is relatively easy, if you have the proper tools. Clean the face of your clubs, including the grooves. Use warm, soapy water with a couple of tablespoons of liquid dish detergent and a scrub brush. Get as much of the built-up debris from between the grooves as you can.

How to use a groove sharpener on a golf club?

The way you use a golf club groove sharpener is, you take one of the sharp edges and slide the sharpener back and forth until you get the desired results Most golfers use a tee to go through their grooves and scratch out extra dirt or grass that gets stuck in the grooves, but a groove sharpener goes one step forward by enhancing the metal.