What causes a spin-out move on the golf course?

What causes a spin-out move on the golf course?

Some players think a push comes from shifting too far toward the target, but this spin-out move is the real cause. When you spin open, your right shoulder tilts down and the club gets stuck to the inside. From there, the ball can only go right.

What is a push in golf swing?

A push is the result of a swing path that is too far inside-out in relation to the target line combined with an open club face. The face though, is square to the path of the swing. It is open to the target line. Anytime the face is not square to the path of the swing, spin will result.

Why do you push the golf ball?

Here are the most common causes for pushing the golf ball, along with their own most effective solutions. One thing you should know is that all of these causes pave the way for a clubface that’s open at impact. That’s how you wind up toward the right side of the target. And now why and how does the clubface open on impact, let’s find out! 1.

What causes a push shot in golf?

Another reason behind pushed shot may lie simply in balls that are placed too far back in your stance at address. Indeed, such a ball placement can produce pushes because it combines the two elements required for such a shot; clubface pointing right of the target at impact and an inside-out club path.