Is the xxio X a good driver?

Is the xxio X a good driver?

XXIO X with the stock shaft produces a little more spin so choosing a lightly stiffer shaft may be a good choice. I think the Activewing design is helping me hit more sweet spot and the ball flies straight! XXIO X has the looks that many better players like. It is definitely competing against many of the drivers that better players use.

Are xxio Prime Irons any good?

XXIO Prime Irons Review One of the priciest irons in golf, the XXIO Prime game-improvement model is crafted to be super lightweight. That in turn, helps you generate clubhead speed for better distance and overall performance. Because of that weight, it’s specifically designed for seasoned, ageing players with moderate swing speeds.

What is the difference between xxio x vs xxio 12?

XXIO X vs XXIO 12: What’s the difference? XXIO models have given easy distance for many golfers benefitting from a lightweight golf club configuration. Extremely light shaft to make club lighter, Counter weight design to hit more sweet spot, face designs to expand sweet spot for faster ball speed across the face.

Why xxio golf clubs?

We are pioneers of high balance point club designs, providing a genuinely effortless swing feel for moderate swing speed golfers. Switching from heavy, tour-developed equipment, to our lightweight designs delivers instant speed. And the difference is not subtle: XXIO clubs are 20% to 30% lighter than typical woods and irons.