What are the best dog friendly golf courses in Washington State?

What are the best dog friendly golf courses in Washington State?

Discovery Bay- A golf course in Townsend Washington features amazing views of the cascades, and the most fantastic thing is that this golf course is 100 years old! It allows dogs and golfers to enjoy their days surrounded by the mountains.

Can you play golf with your dog?

Now, back to dogs. After careful consideration, and one tremendous morning with a purebred golden retriever named Jersey, I’ve learned that playing golf with your dog is indeed one of the most fulfilling ways to experience this game. Below are a handful of keys to help you do it yourself.

What is a Dog Gone golf game?

DOG GONE GOLFING. DOG GONE GOLFING is a fun pick up and play Arcade golf game where cute dogs slap hockey pucks around the globe. (they chewed up all of the golf balls). Compete on the Leaderboards for top scores, or find a buddy for some local couch co-op.

Are dog-friendly golf courses a trend?

Dog-friendly golf courses, of course. While it’s not exactly happening enough to call it a trend, more and more courses are allowing golfers to bring their furry companions along on their “good walk spoiled.” If you’re planning to bring your dog along, there are a few things you need to be prepared for. First, keep your dog leashed the entire time.