Is par a good score on the PGA Tour?

Is par a good score on the PGA Tour?

The par player would need to play 70% of the events (29) to earn a top 125 spot. The minimum expenses for a year on tour is about $150 000. A par player could, therefore, earn a decent living on the tour if he played enough events in a year. Shooting par on the PGA Tour is still a very good, respectable score.

How much money do PGA players make?

There has been plenty of talk about players’ earnings in recent times … Meanwhile, in 2021, Jon Rahm headed the money list, earning $7,705,933. But what does the average PGA Tour pro make? The answer is simple enough: in 2021, the average earnings …

Who has the most PGA Tour wins?

The Top 5 are:Sam Snead, 82 winsTiger Woods, 82 winsJack Nicklaus, 63 winsBen Hogan, 64 winsArnold Palmer, 62 wins

What is the best golf score on PGA Tour?

Al Geiberger: 1977 Memphis Classic (29-30), Colonial Country Club (par 72). …Chip Beck: 1991 Las Vegas Invitational (30-29), Sunrise Golf Club (par 72). …David Duval: 1999 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (31-28), PGA West (Palmer Course) (par 72). …Paul Goydos: 2010 John Deere Classic (31-28), TPC Deere Run (par 71). …More items…