What is the newest installment of the Mario Golf series?

What is the newest installment of the Mario Golf series?

In the latest Nintendo Direct, we announced the newest installment of the Mario Golf series, Mario Golf: Super Rush. Let’s take a look at some of the information shared.

What time does Mario Golf super rush release?

While Nintendo has not officially confirmed when Mario Golf: Super Rush’s release time will be, we expect it to launch at the same time as other first-party Nintendo-published games. That would mean that the game would release at 12am ET / 5pm BST. Players can pre-order the title on the Nintendo eShop.

Can you hit the Green in Mario Golf super Rush?

Tee off as Toadette, who hits the green in the Mario Golf: Super Rush game! Boasting excellent control and cute pink pigtails, Toadette’s excellent at hitting shots with accuracy. Her high control will come in handy on the added New Donk City course—these 18 holes will have you bouncing balls off of buildings and golfing across skyscrapers!

Is there a Mario game for golf?

The series brought the Mario universe to golf, even though Mario himself had appeared in multiple golf games on older systems. Mario Golf, the first Camelot game to use the Mario branding and to be developed for a Nintendo system, debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1999 and was ported to Game Boy Color.