How to hit a fade from the same direction?

How to hit a fade from the same direction?

Hold your club face square to your release path, or even open to it. Aim slightly to the left. A fade is where the ball starts off left and slowly drifts back to center. To make sure your fade doesn’t become a slice, aim slightly left of target with your feet and shoulders.

How to hit a fade or draw in golf?

Set up with your feet and body closed to your target line to invite a draw. Do the opposite for a fade. And if you want to hit the ball straight, set your lines parallel to the target.

How to hit a fade with irons?

To hit a fade with irons, first position the ball in the middle of your stance. Second, open your stance slightly to your target line. Third, when taking your shot, try swinging the club down your feet line – while doing so, you should also feel like you prevent your wrists from rolling over and closing the clubface at impact.

What is the difference between a draw and a fade?

A draw golf shot travels somewhat right-to-left for right-handed golfers, whereas a fade travels slightly left-to-right. Both off the tee and when shooting approach shots, shaping your shot can be beneficial. Let’s start with the benefits of shaping your tee shot.