What are the best golf clubs in Vermont?

What are the best golf clubs in Vermont?

(2) C.C. of Vermont, Waterbury Center 3. (4) Dorset Field Club 4. (3) The Quechee Club (Highland) 5. (NR) Green Mountain National G.Cse., Killington ^ Some courses are ranked in Best in State but did not receive enough ballots to be considered for national lists.

What are the best country golf courses in the UK?

Green Mountain National Golf Course Most of the tees are elevated so the views from the tees of the mountains and the lake are terrific. 4. The Golf Club at Equinox Every hole has a marvelous view of the mountains surrounding Manchester. Almost every hole is a challenge. . No1 hole… 5. Haystack Golf Club 6. The Stowe Country Club

What makes Vermont a great state for golf?

Because of its natural beauty and rolling hills, Vermont is a course designer’s dream. The State is home to some of the most scenic golf courses in the country. With its tranquil surroundings, Vermont is the ideal location for a relaxing and freeing game of golf. It isn’t hard to enjoy a few rounds in such a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

What is the history of golf in Vermont?

Originally inhabited by the Abenaki and Iroquois native American tribes, the state was populated by French and British settlers prior to its admission to the Union in 1791. Seven clubs founded the Vermont Golf Association in 1902 and nowadays it represents almost 11,000 golfers in 63 clubs dotted around the state.