How much should I charge for a golf outing?

How much should I charge for a golf outing?

Plus anyone regardless of skill just might be able to run the putt in! Many outings have a scramble format and you can charge $5 per golfer or $20 per group to buy 4 mulligans that can be used throughout the day. This provides some additional strategy and a chance to make that 10 footer that everyone seemed to miss.

What makes a good golf outing?

Golfers of all skill levels enjoy the opportunity to not only enjoy the outdoors, but to eat some excellent food before, during and even after the round. The best golf outings, especially those for fundraisers have some impressive food that keeps the non serious golfer coming back every year to support a good cause.

How long do golf balls last?

Typically, golf balls last about 7-rounds before you should change them out for another one. If you don’t see any visible damage after 7-rounds, you can keep playing with it for another 7-rounds. Many golfers like to use the same ball for as long as possible.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf?

A round of golf, on average, is expected to take about four hours to play for a group of four golfers. That is the estimate most golfers will give for an appropriate length of time to play 18 holes (18 holes is the length of a "standard" round of golf).