How do I make an appointment for a ping club fitting?

How do I make an appointment for a ping club fitting?

To schedule an exclusive PING club fitting appointment with one of our Fitting Specialists in the Phoenix area, please use the link below. Fittings can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance of your preferred date.

How do I get a custom club fitting?

If you want to get a custom club fitting done there are 2 main options and this depends on whether or not you know the brand of club or clubs you want to get custom-fitted. If you know the brand you want to buy you can go direct to that manufacturer’s website and confirm where you can go to get a custom fitting done of their clubs.

How much does a golf club fitting cost?

On average, a club fitting can cost anywhere from $15 to $40+ per club if you already have the clubs. Most shops, however, will bundle its packages into a full bag fitting, driver fitting, long game drivers, irons only, wedges only or just the putter.

Do I have to pay for custom fitting?

At all individual manufacturer ‘fitting days’ and specific large golf retailers however custom fitting fees are not charged. Like everything in retail however the stated costs of custom fitting are only half the story.