How do you protect your golf clubs from sand?

How do you protect your golf clubs from sand?

Hitting a small grain of sand or something like that is what scratch up the club. The best way to protect them is by of course not throwing the clubs into the bag, but most importantly keep the face clean of dirt and sand.

Do you take your clubs off at the course?

I take them off at the course, you will get some bag chatter marks when carrying or riding in a golf cart but you will also get them simply by using your clubs on the course. More sharing options… My clubs get most scratched up when I play with them, the rattle in the bag does not ding them up too much.

How to avoid breaking your golf clubs?

Solution: Only the head is designed to withstand the forces of a golf swing; the shaft isn’t. To avoid breaking your club, make sure your ball is making clean contact with the head. How Long Should Golf Clubs Last Until They Break? So far we have been discussing why clubs can break apart.

How to protect your golf clubs when travelling?

Driving your car or golf cart with clubs organized incorrectly can compromise the integrity of their structure as well. Solution: Use a golf bag that has inbuilt dividers. When travelling with clubs, ensure they’re stored securely to prevent movement. 7. Exposing Clubs to Excessive Heat