How much do PGA Tour tournament winners get paid?

How much do PGA Tour tournament winners get paid?

Every year, the pot has steadily increased for tournament winners while still adhering to the formula that guarantees the winner an 18% cut of the prize money. When Woods won again in 2001, his top prize was just over a million, $1,008,000 to be exact, becoming the first winner to earn seven figures in the prestigious event.

How much did Tiger Woods win the 2019 Masters for?

A few years later, in 2005, Tiger’s fourth Masters win jumped to $1,260,000. Now, leap all the way to 2019 for his fifth and most recent win for a payday of $2.07 million.

How much did Tiger Woods make at the champions for charity?

Tiger Woods used TaylorMade clubs, wore Nike clothing and played a Bridgestone ball during The Match: Champions for Charity. Tiger Woods made $2.3 million over the past year in golf. He made $60 million in endorsements. Or about 96 percent of his overall $62.3 million in earnings. Essentially, his main job was a side job. It pays to be Tiger Woods.

How much does Tiger Woods’caddie make?

Typically, caddies make around 10 percent of a golfer’s earnings, but that can vary from golfer to golfer. Considering how long LaCava has been on the bag for Tiger, it’s likely he is bringing in well north of six figures to be his caddie.