Does shaft flex affect distance?

Does shaft flex affect distance?

It results in hitting the golf ball too low. Golfers using a shaft with too much flex and having a high swing speed tends to cause the clubhead to lag at the point of impact. It results in too much loft in the shot, which cuts down on the distance.

Is a flex shaft a regular shaft?

Regular flex shafts are designed for golfers who swing 90 to 100 mph and carry a driver about 200 to 240 yards. Select a shaft that matches your swing speed. A shaft that is too stiff will feel rigid to you on impact and will limit your distance.

Does shaft flex really make a difference?

Shaft flex is irrelevant because one manufacturer’s stiff could be the same weight/frequency as another manufacturer’s regular. Some shafts can be light and stiff, while others can be heavy and whippy. What’s most important is the results. I was fit for my driver in June and went from R to S.

What Flex is a JZ shaft?

The JZ shaft (and any other Ping shaft without specific flex designation) is somewhere between Stiff and Regular. It wasn’t until late in the production run of Zing2s that there was a differentiation in the flexes of JZ shafts. With that said, the JZ is lighter that a DGS or a Rifle, so changing the shaft will change the feel of the club.