How to hit a hybrid Straight high?

How to hit a hybrid Straight high?

This position will help to achieve solid contact with the hybrid. Make sure that your stance is not wider than the outside of the shoulders and hit the ball with a descending blow. The following are some problems encountered when trying to hit a hybrid straight high. Playing the hybrid like a fairway wood with the clubface open.

Should you hit a hybrid golf ball like a driver?

Although hybrids are considered to be iron replacements, hitting them like woods helps some players. Don’t hit the golf ball the same way you would hit it with a driver. Take a three-fourth smooth and slow backswing and strike the ball correctly with a descending blow.

Is hitting a hybrid Golf Club different from hitting an iron?

But make no mistake: hitting a hybrid is different from hitting the ball with an iron. I’ll get to that in a moment. Before that brief lesson in the physics of golf, let’s talk about who stands to benefit from using a hybrid. Who is a Hybrid Golf Club For? Anyone can benefit from using a hybrid golf club.

How do you hit a hybrid Golf Club?

When aiming, remember that a shot hit with a hybrid will travel an average of 4–12 yards (3.7–11.0 m) farther than a shot hit with a long iron. A ball hit with a hybrid club will usually fly higher and land softer than one hit with an iron. Hit the ball on the descent of your swing. Hit the ball just as you would with a long iron.