Do caddies get paid at the Ryder Cup?

Do caddies get paid at the Ryder Cup?

The players have all expenses paid by the Ryder Cup as do their caddies, but receive no additional money just for the Cup matches. Put it this way, if you are a caddie for a top tier player, are you going to tell him no?

Why is the Ryder Cup so popular?

The Ryder Cup is the ultimate team event in golf, but despite it drawing in millions of pounds in revenue thanks to lucrative TV and sponsorship deal, players still only compete for the pride of winning the Ryder Cup for their respective teams.

How much do European Ryder Cup players get paid?

Nowadays European players don’t receive any money, but instead are offered gifts from their captains that are paid out of the Ryder Cup pool – a tradition that Tony Jacklin began when he first captained Europe in 1983.

What happens to the winning team at the Ryder Cup?

The winning team gets to maintain possession of the coveted Ryder Cup trophy until the next time the event is played, and the winning members will have their names etched in history forever. Though the Ryder Cup participants don’t receive appearance money, the PGA of America reportedly gives Team USA’s players $200,000 each to donate to charity.