How do you increase moi on a golf club?

How do you increase moi on a golf club?

The main way equipment manufacturers do this is by moving weight towards the edges and the perimeter of the head. This inevitably boosts the MOI up and has lead to the creation of super-game improvement irons, and explains why manufacturers put moveable weights on the perimeters of their woods.

How does Moi affect your golf swing?

During those microseconds of impact during the golf swing, your clubface twists. If you hit it out the middle it doesn’t twist but off-centre hits can cause pronounced twisting. That movement can contribute to wild shot shapes like snap hooks and slices. How Is It Measured? The USGA has a limit on MOI of 6000 grams per centimetres squared.

What is Moi in golf clubs?

High MOI may be one of the prerequisites for the golf club to be highly forgiving but then NOT ALL players want their clubs to be that forgiving. Tour-level golfers, for instance, often prefer less MOI simply because less clubface twisting hinders their talent to intentionally hit a draw or fade.

What is the difference between a high and low moi club?

Think about it like this: A high MOI golf club is like a four-door sedan, while a lower MOI club is like a sports car. The four-door sedan is easy to drive and control going into turns. The sports car, on the other hand, allows the driver to take tighter turns at faster speeds, but it’s more difficult to control.