Are PXG’s new 0311 XP golf clubs a visual stunner?

Are PXG’s new 0311 XP golf clubs a visual stunner?

The details: The 0311 XP are geared for extreme forgiveness, which they achieve through more offset and a wider sole. The clubs also come with an ultra-thin face, XCOR Technology, and Precision Weighting Technology. Our take: The tour version of PXG’s Gen4 iron lineup are visual stunners. “These have the best looks by far,” one tester said.

What does PXG stand for?

He named the new concern PXG, for Parsons Xtreme Golf. Parsons had gotten to know Mike Nicolette, a former PGA Tour player, through some rounds they had played together at the ultra-exclusive Whisper Rock Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Who makes PXG golf clubs?

Founder Bob Parsons is incredibly proud of the equipment that PXG produces. After starting with irons, the company has added drivers, fairway woods, utilities, wedges, and putters to its repertoire.

Are PXG irons any good?

While irons have been PXG’s strength, its other products, most notably its drivers, have garnered increased acclaim in recent years, as have the company’s putters and wedges. It should also be noted that almost exclusively PXG golf clubs come at a premium price point. Do Any PGA players use PXG clubs?