How much does it cost to play golf in Evanston?

How much does it cost to play golf in Evanston?

Monthly golf dues at most clubs in North Shore average about $700 to $1000 a month but, once caddy fees, locker, storage, etc. are added, you will pay about $12,000 to $15,000 a year before any food and drink minimum. That will add another $5,000 give or take a couple grand. One thing about Evanston. It is a fabulous club with a long history.

How much does it cost to join Bayonne Golf Club?

Bayonne Golf Club in New Jersey requires a $75,000 initiation fee and an $18,500 annual fee. National Golf Links of America, in Southampton, N.Y., charges a $150,000 initiation fee and $10,000 in annual dues.

How much does a golf club cost?

The cost of a club can vary greatly. For example, a single driver can average $300-400, but can quickly get more expensive. Certain graphite shafts can help get the cost of a driver over a thousand dollars. The type of club matters too, however high-end putters, like the Titleist Scott Cameron can be even more expensive than a driver.

What is Evanston Golf Club known for?

Besides its beautifully maintained Donald Ross-designed golf course and commitment to a fine caddie program, the completely renovated Evanston Golf Club is known for its highly attentive staff, spectacular events (4th of July, holidays, and elegant weddings), and locker rooms that are more like spas.