Why does my fairway wood bottom out before the golf ball?

Why does my fairway wood bottom out before the golf ball?

Because a fairway wood has a longer shaft than irons, you may stand further back from the ball than you should. As a result, you induce a shallow swing that sends the club around the body. When this occurs, you struggle to get your club on plane, and it bottoms out before the golf ball.

Why are golfers splitting fairways?

While the strategy on many golf holes comes down to placing the ball down the correct side of the fairway, the overwhelming majority of golfers don’t have the skill to be that exact. The ideal solution is to improve fairway width, but that is often expensive to maintain. In its place, architects have turned to split fairways.

Why do some golfers top the fairways Woods?

According to teaching professional Todd Kolb, there are three reasons why golfers top fairways woods. They stem from weight shift, swing direction, and ball position. Kolb explains that golfers struggle to shift their weight from the back to the front on the downswing. That causes you to lean back and bottom the clubhead out before the golf ball.

Why does my golf swing get stuck?

It’s a sport of precise measurement and precise bodily movements. When you don’t move according, that’s when issues like the golf swing getting stuck start to happen. The best way to check your distance from the ball is to look at your hand position at stance. Your arms should be directly below your shoulders when you’re gripping your club.