What is a high moi putter?

What is a high moi putter?

This is everything a high MOI putter should be. The Taylormade Spider Tour Black Putter is a mallet-style putter that allows for a maximum amount of weight to be moved to the back of the head which helps tremendously with MOI. It pairs a steel frame with an aluminum core to help you keep square to the path.

Does the TaylorMade Spider putter have high moi?

Anyway, they are touted to have high MOI. Anyone know anything about this putter or high MOI putter? In theory, makes sense. I first started thinking about this when I saw all the Taylormade Spider putters because I note that these putters appear to have weight both behind the face (by quite a bit) and also left and right of the target line.

What is the difference between Mallet and Moi putters?

High MOI putters are usually the mallet style design because of the weighting and technology incorporated into the putter head. The mallet style putters have a larger sweet spot and lots of great features, but they are usually more expensive.

What is the best putter on the market?

Bettinardi Queen B – Best Premium Looking Putter [Out of Stock as of 1/2022, Will Update As Soon As It’s Available] 8. Odyssey Exo Indianapolis – Best Sounding Putter 9. JamesMilr Topspin M6 Butterfly Mallet Putter – Best Topspin Putter 10.