When will the Masters be played?

When will the Masters be played?

Masters week offers a full seven days of golf, featuring the top pros in the sport. In 2023, Masters week will take place from Monday, April 3 to Sunday, April 9. Each day of the Masters schedule brings something different to Augusta National Golf Club. We’ve broken down the week below to help you schedule your ultimate Masters experience.

How much do Masters tournament tickets cost?

Masters tickets range from several hundred to several thousand dollars on the secondary market, with prices raising as high as $6,000 per ticket for entrance into ultra-exclusive Berckman’s Place. There’s no ideal time to purchase, though experts generally recommend buying as far in advance of the tournament as possible.

How much are Masters golf tickets?

The masters tournament tickets cost $75 per day for monday, tuesday or wednesday’s practice days. It’s surprisingly the Broadway show Hamilton, where tickets resell for as much as $1,000, hasn’t adopted this color-coded method yet.

What are the Masters golf tournament dates?

The Masters Golf Tournament usually takes place each year in early April. The 2023 Masters begins with the first practice round on Monday, April 3 and concludes with the fourth round on Sunday, April 9, 2023. Going to future Masters? Here are the dates for the next few years: 2024 Masters Dates: April 8-14, 2024 2025 Masters Dates: April 7-13, 2025