How do you divide your Irons in your bag?

How do you divide your Irons in your bag?

If you are using a 6 way divider, you may also want to put your three wood up here. In the middle slots you will want to put your mid to long irons and any hybrids/woods. In my bag (5 way divider), I have my 4 – 7 iron in one slot and my 3 hybrid (sometimes 3 iron or 5 wood – depending on the course) and 3 wood in the other slot.

How many dividers do you put in a golf bag?

Dividers can range from 1 to 15 at most. Some golf bags come with dividers, but they aren’t long enough. If the divider inserts don’t reach the bottom of the bag, the clubs will just bang into one another as you’re reaching for them.

How to arrange golf clubs in a bag?

Arrange your clubs from left to right in descending order. Continue adding your clubs into the bag, working your way from top to bottom. Once you’ve placed your drivers and woods in the bag, begin placing your 4, 5, and 6 irons into the next few slots. Use the next three slots for your 7, 8, and 9 irons.

How many clubs should you have in your golf bag?

The rest of the clubs from three to seven are you’re long to mid-range irons. You’ll want to place these clubs right under the driver in your golf bag. To be even more organized, start with your longest set of clubs and end with the shortest. Place your long to mid-sized irons from left to right.