What's on Hideki Matsuyama's Masters champions dinner menu?

What’s on Hideki Matsuyama’s Masters champions dinner menu?

Hideki Matsuyama completely balled out for his Masters Champions Dinner menu this week — choosing A5 Wagyu beef for an entree!!! The Masters announced the 2021 champ’s menu on Tuesday … and while there’s sushi, nigiri and cod on it — the star of the show is clearly the red meat.

How much money did Hideki Matsuyama win at the Masters?

He took home $2.07 million in prize money and joined the select group of golfers who have taken home the green jacket over the 88-year history of the event. Of course, Matsuyama received another perk as part of his win: He got to choose the menu for the 2022 Masters Champions Dinner.

What did Hogan say to Matsuyama at the Masters dinner?

“My only stipulation,” Hogan wrote to Roberts, per the Augusta Chronicle, “is that you wear your green coat.” The dinner began with 11 attendees but has since grown to include a much larger and more diverse bunch of champions. That now includes Matsuyama, who became the first Japanese golfer to win the Masters with his victory in 2021.

What kind of food does Hideki Matsuyama eat?

As expected, Hideki Matsuyama’s dinner menu is influenced by his native Japan. The appetizers include sushi, sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw fish or meat; and nigiri, a delicacy made with vinegared sushi rice with the fish placed on top of the rice.