What happened to Dottie Pepper?

What happened to Dottie Pepper?

Dottie Pepper is an American former professional golfer and CBS golf broadcaster who was born and brought up in Saratoga Springs, NY, United States of America. Pepper has won several awards during her prime time as a golfer. However, Dottie had to bring her career as a player to an end after a series of serious injuries.

How old is Dottie Pepper the golfer?

Dottie Pepper. Dottie Pepper (born August 17, 1965) is an American professional golfer and television golf broadcaster.

Is Dottie Mochrie married?

Dottie Pepper also competed as Dottie Mochrie from 1988 through 1995. It is her married name but she returned to using Pepper following her divorce. Further, Dottie’s persona mellowed in later years.

Who is Dottie Pepper’s husband?

She won the GWAA Female ‘Player of the Year’ in 1992, LPGA Tour ‘Player of the Year’ 1992, and also the ‘Best Female’ Golfer ESPY Award 1993 amongst many other prizes and recognition in her career. Dottie Pepper is a married woman. She is married to David Normoyle since 2010. Pepper also had a few numbers of affairs in her life.