What makes Cameron Young’s swing so unique?

What makes Cameron Young’s swing so unique?

Most golf swings happen in the blink of an aye. Cameron Young’s takes slightly longer than that. It’s a unique part of his otherwise textbook move. Young takes the club back with his clubhead is in-line with his hands, a straightened trail leg for more hip rotation, and his arms stretched far from his body for a powerful turn.

What happened to Adam Young at the Players Championship?

Young, who entered the third round Saturday at 11-under and two shots behind 36-hole leader Cameron Smith, stumbled at the end of his round and finished with a 1-under 71 to complicate his mission of winning his first PGA Tour event.

Is Shane Young joining Liv golf?

The Times UK reported Young was bound for LIV Golf three weeks ago, but a source close to the former star at Wake Forest said the 25-year-old wasn’t likely to join the Greg Norman-led and Saudi Arabia-backed series. “Obviously it’s the elephant in the room for everyone.

Should Cameron Young join Liv golf or stick with PGA Tour?

After Sunday’s final round of the PGA Tour’s 2022 Tour Championship, the final event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, rising star Cameron Young was asked by The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn about the difficulty of his decision to join LIV Golf or stick with the PGA Tour. “I mean, frankly, I have decided to stay,” Young said .