Should you learn to hit a hybrid Golf Club?

Should you learn to hit a hybrid Golf Club?

But those who tend to love the hybrid the most are amateur golfers or golfers with a slower club head speed. If you struggle with your 3, 4, and 5-irons, you can probably transform your game just by learning how to hit a hybrid. The hybrid was designed for you.

Why are hybrid golf clubs curved?

With the hollow center, the curved face has a unique effect when striking the ball. Not only does the ball compress, but the clubhead also compresses and launches the golf ball as if it is coming off a trampoline. Unlike the fairway woods, the back of the hybrid does not extend as far back.

How to hit a straighter shot with a 3 hybrid club?

To hit a straighter shot, your swing needs to be on plane and your club face control needs to be created with a good setup – posture, stance, grip and takeaway. The 3 hybrid golf club is the most popular choice for amateur handicap golfers.

How do you swing a hybrid Golf Club?

Swing the hybrid club as you would a fairway wood. You should approach the ball with a flat and sweeping downswing, just as if you were using a fairway wood. Level out your swing just before contact. [5] This technique is different than what you would use with a standard driver, when you would want to hit the ball on your upswing.