What loft driver should I buy?

What loft driver should I buy?

If your swing speed is over 100 mph and you hit the golf ball a long way, you should have a driver with a loft of about 12 degrees, or less, and that will produce less backspin. But if you are like most golfers with swing speeds that are below 90 mph, you will need a more lofted driver that increases that backspin to keep the ball aloft.

How to find the right driver shaft for your swing?

5 factors to help you find the right driver shaft for your swing. 1 1. Flex. Generally speaking, a driver shaft that’s too stiff will cause shots to launch too low, with too little spin and low peak heights. A shaft … 2 2. Weight. 3 3. Length. 4 4. Kick point. 5 5. Torque.

What are the best golf drivers for beginners?

A titanium driver, or multi-material driver like titanium and composite, that combines light weight and excellent strength is more expensive and for golfers who play more consistently. Stainless steel drivers will lend more weight to your swing, giving you more control on the descent.

What kind of shafts do you need for Your Driver?

Drivers are equipped with graphite shafts usually offered in different flexes. For the majority of golfers, the shaft included with the driver will work just fine. Weight is what you’ll want to pay attention to. You don’t want a shaft that’s too heavy.