What does the belt do on a golf cart?

What does the belt do on a golf cart?

The golf cart drive belt is the larger (1" to 1 3/16" wide), longer and usually looser belt on gas golf cars. It connects the drive clutch (on the engine) to the driven clutch (on the differential) and transfers the power of the engine to the rear wheels. The belt should be loose and free of cracks or delamination.

How to adjust the drive belt on an EZGO golf cart?

How to Adjust the Drive Belt on an EZGO Golf Cart There is no way to adjust a drive belt, so it’s important to get the right size belt in the first place. To be sure, visit your local mechanic or call a certified technician to help you get the right drive belt for your EZGO golf cart.

How do I know if my drive belt is too tight?

To check if your drive belt is set just right make sure your golf cart is turned off then check the drive belt by pressing it down between the two clutches with your finger. If it deflects less than 1.5” it’s too tight.

What is the top width of a go-kart belt?

The top width refers to the width of the go-kart belt on the top side. The reason why the width of a belt needs to be measured from the top is because from a cross sectional point of view, the top and the bottom are unevenly wide. This is due to the angles on the asymmetric and symmetric belts.