What is toe hang on a putter?

What is toe hang on a putter?

(By the way, the amount that the clubface of a putter opens and closes during a putting stroke is called "toe flow." The more toe hang a putter has, the more toe flow it will have.

Should you use a face balanced or toe hang putter?

There are great players who use toe hang putters, and great putters who use face balanced putters. Rife’s point, though, is that those who struggle with squaring the face may want to opt for face balance.

What is a toe-balanced putter?

The clubface of a toe-balanced putter will, when the shaft of the putter is balanced lengthwise across a golfer’s finger, be angled toward the ground. In other words, the toe of such a putter will hang down, pointing toward the ground.

How to choose the right putter for You?

1 If you have a more pronounced arcing putting stroke, you’ll want a putter with more toe hang; 2 If you have more of a subtle arc in your putting stroke, you’ll want less toe hang; 3 If you use a straight-back-and-through putting stroke, you don’t want any toe hang at all – you’ll want a face-balanced putter.