How to hotwire a golf cart?

How to hotwire a golf cart?

How To Hotwire a Golf Cart 1 Switch off the power in your cart. 2 Disengage both the wires that link up to your ignition switch. 3 Once they are disconnected, separate the insulation from the wires and twist them both together. 4 Use tape to keep them together. 5 Now switch the power back on to get your cart running.

What should you do when your golf cart won’t start?

When your golf cart either fails to start or you lost your key, the first method you should try is the screwdriver approach. This technique is one that many golf cart owners have had to master over the years, and it provides many benefits that make it worth your time.

How to start a golf cart with a screwdriver key?

To defeat that, you’re going to basically pick the lock. You’ll have to wiggle your screwdriver up and down, keeping just a little tension on the switch. This will eventually loosen up the tumblers and allow you to turn your screwdriver key, flip the ignition switch, and start your golf cart.

How to turn on the ignition on a golf cart?

In your golf cart, you can find the ignition switch seated next to the wheel. Blow air into the switch to make sure there are no foreign particles stuck in it. Turn on the power to the ignition before you insert the screwdriver into it. Now insert the tip of the screwdriver into the ignition switch.