What is the putting arc®?

What is the putting arc®?

The putter head moves inside-to square-to inside on a very precise arc. Known Putting Arc® golfers have won over 1318+ professional tournaments since introduced in 2002. Winners on the PGA, LPGA, Web.com use The Putting Arc® training aids.

How much does a new putting arc cost?

Bids start at $99. Based on the original Putting Arc MSIII the new MS-3D allows you to use the toe or the heel of the putter for training. The product is an all-weather, light-weight more versatile version of the deluxe wooden model.

How do I develop an arc putting stroke?

Experiment with the ball position and body position to first see if the arc putting stroke is comfortable for you. If it is and you feel your putts are straighter and distance control is better, then implement the other items to develop your arc putting stroke.

What is your putting arc and why does it matter?

Putting is a game within a game and understanding your putting arc is a great step to mastering the art of performing consistently well on the greens. We’ve all got our different tendencies and some putting strokes will be straighter and some will promote a strong arc – both are fine.