What happened to Louis Oosthuizen?

What happened to Louis Oosthuizen?

With three top-three major finishes this year, the smooth-swinging South African is reaching new heights at age 39. I first started working with Louis Oosthuizen back in 2018. At the time, I was helping his friend and fellow South African Charl Schwartzel. Louis was struggling a bit with his game and asked me to review some video for him.

What do you like most about Louis Ausson’s swing?

Make no mistake, though, it is Louis’ swing. I’m so impressed with his level of awareness — a high-level grasp of his swing and how to play a course or a particular shot. He’s already kind of made up his mind on how to play a shot before even facing it.

What are Louis Oosthuizen’s 4 Simple Moves?

Louis Oosthuizen’s 4 Simple Moves For a World-Class Swing. 1 1. LET THE CLUB DO THE WORK. My mantra? Swing softly—and choose a bigger stick. When I’m between distances, I reach for the longer club. Heck, I even … 2 2. TRIGGER A SIMPLE BACKSWING. 3 3. AN EASY DRILL FOR PERFECT RHYTHM. 4 4. PAUSE AT THE TOP.

Is Louis Oosthuizen’s Swing Sequence the best in golf?

Instruction Columns Swing Sequence: Louis Oosthuizen – One of the best swings in golf Louis Oosthuizen shoots 63 to lead in South Africa | Round 1 Highlights | 2019 Nedbank Challenge Louis Oosthuizen, widely regarded as having one of the best golf swings in the game, moves the club with such ease it’s no surprise that he’s the envy of many.