What is the fine point used for on a golf ball?

What is the fine point used for on a golf ball?

The fine point helps create precise and clean lines on balls. However, most customers received a package with a permanent green marker instead of black ink as the advertisement. Some people do not wish to have green lines marked on their golf balls; therefore, I think it should not happen to large quantities of this ball alignment tool.

Can you use permanent marker on a golf ball?

Its lining tool is able to be used on both sides of a golf ball and the permanent marker allows fine ink that stays for a long time on it. I assure a lot of users may enjoy this kit for putting alignment. 10. FINGER TEN Golf Ball Marker Line Drawing Tool

Can you use Sharpie on a golf ball?

Wiping off ink stains on golf balls would be the last thing you wish for. Despite common sense, in fact, Sharpie is not the only brand with reliable golf ball permanent markers on the market at present.

What are the best golf ball markers for beginners?

This brand EyeLine Golf offers a brilliant package of golf ball marker tool in 3 units of red color. Its users are able to bring their regular golf practice into the course. This alignment tool ensures a target line and impact line are drawn on your balls, with the impact line being parallel to your putter face for precise aiming.