What is a wolf in golf?

What is a wolf in golf?

The Wolf is the first player to tee off on every hole, regardless of the traditional honors system. After hitting their tee shot, the Wolf will watch the second player in the group tee off and must decide before the third player tees off whether or not to select the second player as their teammate for the hole.

How many times do you get to be the Wolf in golf?

Since there are 18 holes, each player will get to be wolf 4 times through the first 16 holes and then the player with the least amount of points after 16 holes gets to be the wolf for holes 17 and 18. Once you know the order you will rotate, for who will become the wolf on each golf hole, it’s time to start the game and tee off.

How do you play Wolf in PGA Tour?

Player A goes first and hits their tee shot. Before Player B tees off, the Wolf can choose Player A as their partner for the hole, turning the hole into a better-ball, one-hole match pitting Player A and the Wolf against Player B and Player C.

How do you pick a lone wolf in golf?

If not Player B, then the Wolf can pick Player C. If the Wolf decides he doesn’t want to partner with any of the other three players, then they become they the Lone Wolf, turning it into a better-ball, one-hole, three-on-one match (with or without handicap). From there, the points are decided based on the match and who wins.