Is my golf cart covered under my homeowners policy?

Is my golf cart covered under my homeowners policy?

Some golf carts are eligible for coverage under a homeowners insurance policy, as long as you stay on your property. Others are eligible for some coverage as part of an auto insurance policy. However, the best way to protect your golf cart is with an insurance policy than can be specially tailored for it.

How do you insure a golf cart?

Names and driving history of drivers for your golf cart insurance policyDetails of your golf cart, including year, make, model and serial numberInformation on your current insurance company, and how long you’ve had coverageYour homeowners insurance policy number if you want to bundle it with your auto insurance

Is my golf cart covered by homeowners insurance?

It all depends on where you live, who your insurance carrier is and for what purpose you are using the golf cart. For example, if you use the golf cart to service your residence, then it might be covered by your homeowners’ policy.

What insurance do you need for a golf cart?

Golf cart insurance is an insurance policy that covers damage to your golf cart and damage that your golf cart causes.Buying golf cart insurance depends on where you ride and how you use your golf cart.It covers bodily damage liability, property damage liability, collision and comprehensive damage to your cart.More items…