What is a golf pro shop?

What is a golf pro shop?

Our Golf Pro Shops feature the best quality items suited for you to look the part, and play the game of golf. Each Pro Shop offers a wide-variety of equipment such as golf balls, clubs, clothing, tees, and other items that will have you feeling like a pro!

Is it worth it to buy from a club pro?

Sure, it’s nice to support the club pro, who might get a cut of pro shop sales. But unless he or she is equipped to fit you on the spot, you’re taking an expensive risk, paying top dollar for club that might not be suited to your swing.

What do you buy in a pro shop?

The knickknacks and the gadgets. The gear and the apparel. Odds are the shelves are stocked, the floor space crowded, with a mix of useful and useless merchandise. Because all pro shop purchases are not created equal, it helps to have some guidelines.