What do the F6 Irons sound like?

What do the F6 Irons sound like?

The full-hollow irons sound less hollow and metallic than you would expect. For the most part, the KING F6 irons have a more traditional sound at impact. Center strikes feel quite solid and mis-hits feel decent but distinctly different so that you get accurate feedback for troubleshooting.

Why 2nd swing for Cobra golf irons?

Our Cobra Golf certified fitters at 2nd Swing, can help you optimize the performance of your Cobra Golf irons. They will set you up with long irons that you can hit long and soft, and short irons that will give you shot-making ability.

Should you buy the Cobra King F6?

The Cobra KING F6 is an interesting offering from Cobra. In many ways, it doesn’t deliver what you might expect from a game-improvement iron, and leans a little bit towards the better-player end of the spectrum.

What are the specs of the king F6 Irons?

A hybrid/iron combo set is available for the KING F6. The stock set consists of 8 clubs (4-PW, GW) with FST Steel and Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 graphite stock shafts. Full information on shafts, grips and their specs can be found on the Cobra website. The specs of the KING F6 irons are below for those interested: How do these irons perform?