How to keep your head straight during a golf swing?

How to keep your head straight during a golf swing?

You just have to focus and concentrate on keeping your head in its original position. Always keep your knees slightly bent – don’t lock them during the swing. Try to bend from the hips instead of the waist – this will help you to keep a straighter back.

How to swing a golf club backwards?

By moving the club back through the use of your big muscles rather than the small muscles in your hands and arms, you will keep the club on track to swing wide around your body. It will take some practice to get comfortable with this type of takeaway, but mastering it will take you a huge step closer to making a great swing.

How to stop standing up on the Golf Club?

Again, make sure to maintain the spine angle you set at address and during the backswing. Focus on resisting standing up, which would be visible by your club no longer pointing towards the ground, either during the backswing or crucially during the downswing. A good way to stop standing up at impact is to focus on your head.

How to stop lifting up during a golf swing?

This drill can be used to train your body to stop lifting up during your swing. Start by setting up to address as you normally would. Hold your club in front of your chest, with the grip end pointing forwards towards your target. Now it’s time to perform a mock swing.