Is the pinnacle rush good for long game?

Is the pinnacle rush good for long game?

In the long game, I could definitely play the Pinnacle Rush and began to get used to hitting longer shots and could even shape it both ways when testing, so you can generate some spin. When hitting into the greens I was taking less club to let it run up and was able to just about judge how the ball would react.

What is the compression of a 5 piece golf ball?

5-Piece Ball— TaylorMade is the only manufacturer of the 5 -piece golf ball. They have increased the compression from 83 to 85 on the latest addition. They start with a very soft 16-compressive core, then pack the extra layers on, that adds speed, with no loss of velocity. A Selection of Low Compression Golf Ball Manufacturers

What is the difference between Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle soft golf balls?

Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball Review. The difference between the Rush and the Soft is that the former is built with an emphasis on distance, in the traditional sense of the word, nothing spectacular, having a firmer cover and a higher compression core, whilst the latter is marketed as being the softest Pinnacle ever made,…

Are Pinnacle Golf balls any good?

Pinnacle is a well known golf gear manufacturer who received a well-deserved reputation for their golf-balls, i.e. a nice combo of distance and value. For the current year, 2016, we’re in for a pleasant surprise from Pinnacle, as they’ve just hit the market with 2 new models, the Pinnacle Rush and Soft Golf balls .