Do the world's best golfers still use old equipment?

Do the world’s best golfers still use old equipment?

Most of the world’s best make the most of the technology on offer, although, like many club golfers, some seem to have old trusty clubs they just can’t take out of their bags. Below, we take a look at 10 players on Tour who are still using older equipment…

Who is still using older clubs on tour?

10 Players Still Using Older Clubs On Tour 1 Steve Stricker. Why in the world is Steve Stricker playing decade-plus old Titleist 755 Forged irons at Memorial? … 2 Bubba Watson. The two-time Masters champion is another who still uses Ping’s S55 irons. … 3 Marcus Kinhult. … 4 Thorbjorn Olesen. …

Are your old golf clubs in need of some extra help?

Golf technology advances over the last few decades have been significant so it is very possible, particularly if your clubs are well over 5 years old you may be leaving some extra help on the table.

What are the best golf clubs for senior golfers?

To age gracefully on the golf course, consider these tips on what to look for when selecting golf clubs for a senior player. First off, let’s take a broad view. Drivers, woods and irons, are staple clubs and should feature a more flexible shaft to compensate for a loss of power.