Is it difficult to play golf at elevation?

Is it difficult to play golf at elevation?

Playing golf at elevation is very difficult because the ball travels farther in the air in elevated climates like Colorado and Utah as opposed to normal elevation areas like the Midwest or East Coast. Also, you encounter uphill and downhill shots on the course, and golfers need to adjust on the fly.

How much altitude do you need to hit a golf shot?

There are a few things to consider. The first, is a basic rule of thumb– for every 5,000 feet of elevation, subtract 10% of your normal yardage. If you hit a 7-iron 150 yards on average, know that when you play in altitude in a place like Denver, this will play closer a 165-yard shot.

How does altitude affect golf ball distance?

Altitude, or elevation, and wind have the greatest and most apparent effect on golf ball distance. Every 1,000 feet above sea level a golf course sits, a golfer can expect their ball to travel approximately 2 percent farther.

How do you calculate elevation change on a golf course?

Subtract one club for every 15 feet of elevation change. For instance, if you have 160 yards down hill to the pin, and you would normally hit a 7-iron, the shot calls for an 8-iron because the ball will travel in the air longer than a shot to a flat green. Add one club for every 15 feet of uphill elevation change.